Your Underground Wine Cellar Construction

Underground wine cellars are the perfect solution for storing your wine. Temperatures fluctuations make it difficult to store wine inside your house, whereas underground cellars create a strong, secure and easily temperature controlled wine storage facility within the environs of your own home. Wine cellar construction for a traditional swimming pool builder like Peressin Pools is a simple matter because the building process is the same as for building swimming pools. Our cellars are structurally load bearing and can be incorporated into the design to support any new or old building

A Peressin Pools wine cellar features:

  • High strength steel reinforcing
  • Sprayed to a smooth finish with Waterproof concrete
  • A range of sizes and designs are personalized to suit your location
  • There are choices for fit-out and wine racks

All Peressin cellars feature custom designs to compliment your house.

Wine Cellar Construction